Mich Gerber serenading the blue hour beside the river Aar at 9pm in Berne.

*The blue hour is the time between sunset and darkness (at Fähri Beizli)

Amazing weather, amazing friends, amazing city…. Thank you all so much for meeting me today. x

I missed this. Feels awesome to be home after 2.5 years. And the weathergods are making it even better today… #stockhorn (at Berner Oberland)


Whatever floats your goats


My first and surely not last Chocolate Almond Butter Monster Slices. #raw #rawkitchen #healthy Recipe by @secretsquirrelfood - it’s so gooood!

Winter. (at City of Perth)

The sun was raping my eyes with all its glare. Solution: wearing sunglasses at work. (at The Frontier Group)

Fancy new view from the new @thefrontiergroup office! Smack back in the middle of the CBD, eeyooo!

It’s on! @thefrontiergroup #tfgskatecrew (at The Frontier Group)

Newest release of my most favourite New Zealand artist: Tiny Ruins. Such an amazing creation. Cannot wait to get my hands on this and hope she will return to Perth for another amazing gig soon.

(Source: Spotify)